Design might be a frame.
Something you craft according to a set of specifications based on a certain piece. The purpose is to amplify the strenghts, and bring out any hidden qualities, of something worth showing. An exhibition of rennaissance art, the passport granting people access to foreign nations, a growing company’s public image, the excitement someone gets to feel every time launching their favourite app, a vehicle’s silhouette, the visual language of feature films – and yet, a frame must not intrude upon what it holds.
I see design as a device of service, a straightforward way to improve everyday life, with the goal of shared wellbeing. A tool engineered to tackle the dilemma of human communication, aiming for relative simplicity and definitive usefulness by adorning what urgently needs to be said, while stripping away all impairment.
It allows for tales to be told in such a way that people choose to listen.



“Is this a dream?”
An Immelmann turn
“What do I need to do?”
___ knows
Reach down for the kindest moon
In the fordable streams of some downtown gutter
Fathom that sentiment springs with clarity
Unadulterated is how we feel
Realizing a world of blaring theatre
Joy is the part I adore
Each line is drenched in fervid colour
All minds devour heat
Life reaps in hand-drawn circles
Yet we seek bonds and comprehension
Unimpeded, my stride is towards the other
In time, Art may turn her lustrous head
Cradling a nascent sun
Our day is of courage, a conquest
Visions shape this red century
My breath billows
Blooming verses scatter