An identity concept created with Japanese history in mind. It is suited to a company established in a market revolving around aircraft maintenance, aerospace engineering, or flight control systems.

This is a hand-made typeface. I wanted it to communicate highest quality standards, speed, and the freedom of the sky coupled with European automotive influences.

The brand was inspired by the icon Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter plane used during wartime and its engine design. The motion poster contains a volumetric particle simulation shaded and force-directed to appear like a cloud maelstrom. Sound design consists of field recordings distorted and flanged to feel ominous and give an impression of breaking wind at high velocity, as well as the hum belonging to sirens or other aircraft producing a doppler effect.

I used the specifications of the original engine and machine as copy for the poster, including a version history. For the additional typeface, the historic Brygada 1918 was chosen, remade for digital systems by Mateusz Machalski, Ania Wieluńska, Borys Kosmynka, and Przemysław Hoffer.