Entwined Serpents


Cauterize the care, drown it in the glimmer
Of your verbose seas,
Literary Gods, o
—— A vase formed,
Bleach and ink heated to its quickening,
Then shattered by calm airs put on
—— Intubate the hearts
Failing to perform their growing duty,
Lay them to rest in needless syllables
Pooling gently in our laps
—— Collected love,
From shards, a mask. Veiled are they
Invented by you, devices cut from broken tales


Triptych, light on liquid crystal, 4x6x4


My lungs are flat as a hurling tyre,
Vision held by Gorgon’s hand
Abyssal well of man’s desire
Has cured these innards into sand
“A shot of brightener, please. No twist.”
“Only piss left, I’m afraid.”
“You take me for some hedonist?!”
“Don’t blame me, it’s the trade.”
“Two fingers to the temple, then.”
“I really can’t help you, man.”
‘Knock’, ‘knock’, she says,
Those shapely arms tapping the score
To a battle evoking black-laden shore,
All the while pounding down on my door