Selected Photographs — A Study In Architecture


When I spent most of my time immersing myself in photography and reading what felt like every resource the internet had to offer, I cycled through many styles and genres. It was my believe that I needed to try everything in order to see what worked and what did not. Although not quite as straightforward as it seems, seeing the work I produced made things clearer. Architecture, cityscapes and particularly abstracted imagery utilizing a combination of neutral density filters, coordinated hand movements and fixed shutter speeds seemed to lend themmselves to me. On the other hand, street and event photography never clicked with me. The prospect of candidly photographing people without their knowledge did not sit well with me. On portraiture I was split, as I only had experience photographing friends and strangers on the street, whom I would approach to ask for a photograph, which, of course, often ended in blatant rejection. Photographing dedicated models in a controlled setting is something I never had the chance to do. Akin to residual ambition, this is something I still would love to do in the future.
This project is a collection of my work, curated for best featuring architectural elements found in Vienna. It was always with a sense of serenity that I would approach shooting these.


What is form, if not flexible?



Philosopher’s Stone

Reih / Glied






Spittelau Space Station

Lost / Way




There is a voice to be found in layers of wood, glass, and concrete,
in how the beautiful Vienna is still being built.