The Town


The town is shivering in late sunlight,
Facing maturity, what pavonine sight
Or so you should think,
In your grown-up, state-sanctioned naïveté,
For the view is quite different on the brink,
Pulling your gaze into dull ends of faint
City lights stretching these notions in time,
Spurning a sea that will forever taint
All that shall be conveyed using rhyme
When teeth fly at you so happily,
How come then
The tone of maddening violence
Is filled with the sweetest virulence,
And the consonants in
Suicide ring with a voice clear as ice
How come there’s
Such draw to the redness of vice,
As if the first impulse of life was a colour
That isn’t heavy as our connection by touch,
Where one would expect not quite as much
In this perpetual ignorance

The town is blooming in the early morn’,
Closed eyes, waiting for the sound of a horn





Lit by the rays of desecrated moments,
My ego shines in the way a violated child would;
In the vivid colors of roses and violets
An offspring to this surgical view
Of revolving chambers spinning days


Prepped with powdered perversity,
Iron lungs engulf the sun. Ending
Stars behind perpetrators of exit wounds
Sound our prelude to this sense of joy,
Tumbling scaffolds of a peeling mind


As I sing tunes of ill-will
Till the air is dry
And all eyes turn upward
In wry expectancy of Heaven,
God has risen from his seat in ovation:


Opposed to red-hot sentience is nothing!
Twofold truth to delusion –
Beauty relishing in throbbing sanctuaries
A cosmos somewhere in the maze of your bowels


Bearing calm absurdity
My internal bell goes off. Instinctual clockwork
Brutally reminding, brutally reminding
Of a savage kingdom’s heritage;
Naked ties to this world below


Where a study in love tells of atrocity and murder,
Of highest feelings and greatest honours,
Within the regards of our divine countenace,
Very much so, it tells of comedy
Listen to the stable bursting


Haunted by an afterlife of oddities
Shedding tears in crucified amusement
Home is where the hours shatter –
In the middle of a road to town


The demon of levity treads grounds amiss,
As he commands the beast of laughter to devour,
So The Ineffable may sound his wish
In hope of completing a hand-drawn circle




Lunar guide hides

Behind darkest matter

Most dreaded sight

Exposing tendencies, I

Foster you, o lunatic