Invisible Lion


It is nothingness that has me
Lose its soft grip in the light dripping
Through a bridge’s floorboards,
And the lovely shadows it calls
Mimicking a girl’s glee
Leading you by the hand to cross and
Roaringly see


Invitation To A Family Reunion


Doubt is the brother of malice, when trust
Leaves love, the mother, and forged is new lust
For power's dull reverb.

Despair, the sister of envy since just
Is but a whisper, soon calls for the must:
That scorn may disturb.

Faith is the child of belonging, in dust
Left in the wild, by our Father, to rust –
Some thing to curb…




mirage waves ~ oscillating ~

carry thee to gleaming sands

an inner construct’s kingdom,

put-on by mischievous hands




All the fresh air

On these mornings past gloom

Is too clear to dream

And wakes slumbering thought

– Must one believe in spring?




Window to nether,

Many lucid a dream

Steals weight and

Tips inanimate scales

On desolate balconies