Avalon LLC is another conceptual enterprise of mine. What started as a fresh fruit wholesaling business on the Isle of Man expanded its commercial reach across the rest of Britain and Ireland. Avalon grew to be the leading supplier of fresh fruit produce for the UK, while supporting established growers contributing to English culture by not entering the market for vegetable produce. They are well-known for supplying their Manx harvest of wild berries and apples, exquisitely unique to the island and beloved by the end customer, on a seasonal basis. Thanks to available sea routes, they thrive on procuring exotic fruit from the French markets, as well as collaborate with selected African, South American, and Austrian growers. Since their business model is predicated on limiting geographical perks, the executives have adopted the unconventional strategy of restricting their dealings to only the UK, with the goal of maximizing potential for ensured quality services, as well as offering an unparalleled assortment of goods, ultimately enhancing the standard of living in their part of the world.
Etymologically “the island of apples”, Avalon is inspired by folklore surrounding Arthur Pendragon and his illusive place of rest. The following are 18×24” posters for a campaign advertising the company’s more exotic offerings. The company is running an online store, which enables end customers to place orders, which then get directed to their network of retail partners stocking freshly supplied products ready to be taken on by local delivery services.

The logo I designed as a nod to the heraldry of old Europe and available wild berries. According to my research, the terrain of the island and climate does not allow for a lot of species to grow to begin with, which is why more exotic fruit, such as bananas, are being imported via trusted channels. Since the company is focusing solely on fresh fruit, they gain the capacity to supply both for the budget and premium divisions when it comes to pricing.

Newly acquired 3D skills are the meat of these poster designs. I look forward to sculpting on a much more detailed scale and doing humans at some point, as well as CAD based scenes and product designs.

Building a suitable shader and painting texture that would look somewhat pulpy in the abstracted style of the built model, which echoes the design of the brand’s logo, turned out to be more time intensive than previously assumed. I’m working on streamlining this process, in order to be able to share new projects faster. Grapes are not actually local to the Isle of Man and among the fruit that Avalon imports.

This poster is based on some parts that I find overlap interestingly between the Abrahamic creation myth and Henry Purcell’s opera, King Arthur. Rendering these models took much too long, even considering my weak rig. A new, necessary goal is to learn more about optimizing sub-d topology and setting up outputs that don’t overdo it.

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