7 Seconds Night Flight

A work in progress.


Sonnet I: Journeyman


In the vastness of space, solitude rings
To sound the heart of unborn grace. Amidst
A sea of stars, so longingly bright, is fixed
But single course – our traveler’s blight – and brings,

On a helix pathway’s torpid wings,
Closer him to cosmic praise. Betwixt
The sparkle pearls are few, shades wildly mixed,
Calling for strife to ensue, tempting kings

Made of crumbling matter, yet trailing light;
A comet named in long forgotten times
Granter of wishes in most ancient tales,
Now His way flies with greater truth in sight
Almost hearing life whisper as it wanes,
Our first celestial crossing itself primes


Sonnet II: The Planet Of Ends


Our first celestial crossing itself primes
When glimpse of red he catches from his heights
Alas! not bright, yes; mudded like the nights
Here Death‘s entrance is heralded by crimes

“Where dost thou, Orbit, take me?” Almost whines,
Then spots a soul… on charr‘ed earth cites:
“I shan’t die, I shan’t die, not while he fights!”
A lad, now crossing all enemies’ lines
Searching, crawling through a field of mines,
Hoping, praying for his dear missing friend;
Already perished, no chance to amend…
Mankind’s crest, blooming into white noise and
Burying skies: final steel-clad light shines

Yet – for travelers – this is not The End


Sonnet III: Seeds Of Hope


Yet – for travelers – this is not The End:
When Heaven’s ire has yet to descend,
A flock of innocence escapes to space,
For Mars’ eyes even too minute to trace

Candle by night, guiding towards new light!

“O vessels, bearing tomorrow in flesh,
Throw yours in lank arms of uncertain mesh
Shalt rock in billows of deafening doubt,
So that ye be granted this chance to sprout”

The silent few words of a passer-by,
Trailing away, faintly waving goodbye
Reluctant to find that own hope’s state just
Might be a choice that one cannot entrust

And continues flight weighed down by insight


Sonnet IV: The Planet Without A Past


And continues flight weighed down by insight
On veined horizons a marble sways,
Glissening. Calling to follow its ways;
To seeming bright and great deal of delight

A place with need and greed and fear of sight
A world where past is lost yet still hail days
A ground where men are naught but baseless strays
A home with all the light where none feels right

“Should times of wrong be wish’ed forsaken,
Or is to worry embracing the soon?”

Present is not, without win ‘gainst chagrin
And will of iron to leave unshaken
What struck it craters – your so lov’ed moon
“Please, be everything thou hast ever been”


Sonnet V: A Cluster Of Fakes


“Please, be everything thou hast ever been”
A prayer in white, put on before bed
To embrace nightmare’s pale lesson ahead
Of splitting faces that linger within

“O flickers cold of starlight lost, have ye
Finally convinced yourselves of being
Among us still? What hollow I am seeing
In the construct of your voice and glee

This’ of fleeting sight and the end ye chose
Alas! How unconscious of death could those
Dim, twinkling eyes be?”
Betrayal is not
Mere act of life, but a fight never sought

Even the courage journey’s crest might fill
Changes not; some farewells are mournful still

To be continued…