Dell’Universo Assente

The portfolio now features a brand identity for a local team of neuroscientists, the creation of which entailed a boundless amount of study and elbow grease. This marks my debut as a PV producer, heralded by some 700 frames of full 3D animation and sound design. The process convinced me of a tenth circle of hell dedicated to having sinners colour-correct BT.2020 on non-HDR monitors in Lumetri for all of eternity.

Technically, the project forced me to the edge of my hardware—there is only so much you can do with a single graphics card, 16 gigs of memory and a CPU-based rendering engine. I want my next commercial to be 30/60FPS, because the cinematic look doesn’t fit too well with product showcasing, significantly better quality, and a more elaborate, controlled lighting setup; which equals exponentially longer computing times. I’d love to render multiple passes, for much needed dexterity during post-processing, and upload 4k DNxHR or ProRes encodes so videos won’t get compressed to mud, but, again, that requires a relatively big purchase of new equipment.

The most valuable part of the experience may have been audible. An integral companion, I now have a way to create music in a professional capacity, resulting from learning to produce, mixdown, and master.

There are four more brand identities concepted, two of which I’m working on now—to improve with Houdini’s solvers on a smaller motion design scale. Furthermore, I have a deadline for my site’s migration to hedge against. A lot of web development coming up.


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