Well, alright. There’s a new project in my portfolio, focusing on concepting in a science fiction setting. I tried to do a good job with the case study, as planned, making it clear and standardized, but it got me thinking a lot. The whole point of a case study is to lay out a case in detail. It is a bit like explaining why you should find mystery attractive, without ruining the experience. Maybe I’m negatively predisposed towards this. The job I’m currently leaving required me to do a lot of bone-dry, nonsensical documentation, and I’ve had my share of it. Either way, I felt making it too clinical would detract from something ultimately based solely on the imagination. Talking about jobs; I’m making an effort to get hired by a design agency, in order to prove myself in the industry and grow faster. I hope I can find a good team, so I can focus on getting things done with a clear head—there is absolutely no shortage of ideas.

WordPress is annoying the hell out of me with all the displaying restrictions, even given access to custom code. I can’t wait to rent space on Bluehost and move my portfolio there. Behance’s editor is impressive in that regard; flexible, minimal interpolation when scaling, and even OBJ support. I may just create an interesting looking landing page or interactive artwork using JS and keep projects on Behance/Vimeo to keep things manageable. On the flipside, Behance is terrible for getting exposure. People are on the rude side of things, maybe because of the business connotation, and the network is so slow that, if you aren’t already established in the community, you will likely be drowned by their algorithm. Instagram is unexpectedly friendly here—you can put yourself out there and even get useful data for the sake of evaluation. I suspect this is mostly because of its accessibility, speed, and to-the-point spirit. Not to mention, Adobe have lost a lot of their reputation. Harking back to case studies; much like research papers, I’m not sure who would make the effort to read them beyond abstract, conclusion and measuring methodology. Ultimately, we seem to be built mostly to strip away the unnecessary and let our gut handle the rest. Food for thought.

Next project is a design for a friend who needs something for a university research unit he’s involved with. I’m far from satisfied with my ability to animate things and I suppose this is a good chance to wrap my head around particle simulations and volumetric procedural work. Thank God for Entagma tutorials.


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