Giant Steps

So glad I’m back to doing this. It’s hard to describe how real I’ve felt the last couple of weeks, just learning every spare minute, prioritizing creative work over everything else. There is so much knowledge I want to consume, so many skills I want to sharpen—it barely computes. My browser keeps crashing, because I can’t seem to not have more than 300 tabs of studying material opened at all times. It’s a joyful way of consciously overloading my brain. It seems to me as if I’m attempting to devour the internet, in order to make up for what time I’ve lost not creating while going to business school, where I mainly focused on developing a very down to earth, fact-checked professional aptitude.

Talking about time, some of the most perplexing things I’ve come across recently are new takes on time management and behavioral science. I’m always trying to implement new techniques to manage my leisure better, because I let myself get distracted easily. With all that newfound energy, I’ve finally succeeded in putting new habits into place that effectively let me be much more productive. As one of my life goals is to reach the steep tail of the Pareto distribution, making headway in this area means a lot to me.

Then, there’s coding. I’m not new to coding, having learnt it relatively early on in school. While I’ve refreshed my front-end skills using HTML and CSS in the last couple of weeks, JavaScript is proving to be quite the beast with its endless libraries and constant state of flux. I’ve built a strategy around my approach to it, since I really want to use it for future data visualization purposes and, obviously, the web development part of UX/UI. Illustrator, as much as I’ve fallen in love with the tool now, is terrible at data viz based on real, codified research data. Thankfully, you can use Adobe’s extended toolkit to write custom scripts, which yet again open up further interesting graphic design possibilities. I’m also dying to use JS in combination with vvvv and its native language, which would also allow me to make something projection based. I believe this will be a big trend in years to come that will undoubtedly intersect with VR.

Not everything has been roses, unfortunately. What has stunned me was how hard it is to make ripples online now. Social media is so full with ads and people trying to make it big, it really is a challenge to stand out in any way without a pre-existing network. Being a challenger, however, it’s something I was expecting. Particularly Behance and LinkedIn are a new, and very slow-moving, environment to me. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are on hold until I know how best to utilize those channels considering what I do.

I just finished a new conceptual brand project. You can find it on the front page. What’s next is throwing myself into procedural 3D modeling, which I fear will be a topic of insane proportions. Once I got the basics down, I’ll be sure to make a UX/UI project, since that will probably be my professional focus and what I’m best suited to considering my background.

WordPress is so big and watered down now, trying to gain followers is pointless, so I’ll have fun writing out thoughts here for myself and whoever may happen to stumble upon them.




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