In A Silent Way

A couple of years ago, I nonchalantly started a photography blog. Following that was the deletion of my entire online presence, including all social media channels, in order to have time for academic pursuits. What happened was that I stopped doing creative work for the sake of necessary expediency.

At the risk of waxing poetic; my life had been a vignette of colourness since. Eventually, I found myself surrounded by supreme certitude. The aim was clear; “you must establish a reality that allows for any potential to unfurl”.

Now, I’m working relentlessly to grow into the fullest version of myself. Putting all aesthetic senses and rationality to use, I want to integrate my creativity in a professional manner. The first step towards that is to attain great skill as a visual designer. Few things are more valuable in a world shaped by the audiovisual.

This site has been overhauled and is now featuring some older work, as well as a first conceptual branding project to set the tone. For the time being, learning new software tools and improving my capabilities is all that’s on my mind. I’ll be sharing more soon, in order to slowly build a portfolio.

Here’s to you. Once again.


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