Have One On Me

Thanks to a very long hiatus, I doubt anybody would still recognize me from when I naively started a photography blog here a few years ago. What happened was that I stopped being a creative for the sake of expediency, trying to be adequate by standards I’d imposed onto myself. At the risk of sounding like a pubescent school girl; My life has been a ravenous nightmare since. Regret has come to my door often enough now to make me change this situation no matter the sacrifice, using whatever tools and guts still lending themselves to my command. The goal is to get closer to a state of affairs more natural to me, one where there is no need to suppress so much of what I care about.

Professionally, I’m currently working to establish myself in design. My background, arduously acquired, is in business and tech. I love dreaming things up and making reality more interesting with useful creations. Personally, well, something’s been in the works, although there’s nothing that I want to share yet—and maybe there never will be. The site has been massively overhauled and is now featuring, with the help of a new layout and some coding, not only a variety of personal work (which has been updated, take a look), but also conceptual design projects aimed at potential clients, collaborators, and all who may find some inspiration in my work.

For the time being, learning new software and improving traditional design skills is what’s occupying my mind. I’ll be whipping up more commercially inclined projects soon, in order to start building a proper portfolio.

Here’s to you. Once again.


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